Paul & Sandra Watson & Family

We would like to recommend the services of Sunshine Turkish Homes for their professionalism and friendly approach to help anyone buying a property, from A-Z of our purchase they stay with you and even after the transaction is complete, they are still supplying a truly magnificent service for us, greeting and transferring our guests to and from our property to the airport or day trips, we would not and could not have purchased in Turkey without the ease of Sunshine Turkish Homes (Or as we now say, our good friends) we are absolutely thrilled with our purchase.

I would strongly suggest buying with Sunshine Turkish Homes always ready to help 24/7, they made us feel easy with every part of our purchase. Thank you. (anyone can contact me regarding buying from this company paul.watson@meridianpcv.com by emailing me and I will tell you how good they really are) Paul Watson BA 01204 469284 anytime.

2012 Manchester UK.

Finest Food around gets 100% from us



We joined up with Sunshine Turkish Homes because we trust the family business and the people operating the sales and rentals, we have been friends with Meridian for some years now and when their guests or buyers come to Turkey, we will always be on hand to serve them 24/7 for as long as they are here in Dalaman.

We are proud to be part of Sunshine Turkeish Homes & Meridian.

Ufuk & Belkiz

Dalaman City Rent-A-Car

Andrew & Julie Dinsdale

We purchased our lovely apartment from Sunshine Turkish Homes in 2016 and we are extremely happy with the property and the transaction of the sale from start to finish.

The people on Topala are very nice indeed and Topala and Dalaman are truely a peice of paradise, that we can keep for ever as a holiday home and an investment.

We went to visit the property and knew right away it was just what we had been looking for and the price was just right for our budget too.

Once we agreed to purchase the apartment, we owned it outright and with freehod title 6 hours later.

Thank you very much Paul and his team at Sunshine Turkeish Homes, you guys really made it so easy to purchase our holiday home.

Car Hire - Cleaning - lougage handling - transfers - cases of beer putting into our fridge :-)

Nothing is too much trouble for these UK & Turkish company.

Well done Guys and thanks you xxx.



Paul & Elena Richardson

We took just 1 hour to decide to purchase and we are very happy with our apartment on Topala in Dalaman, the price was right and the whole buying process was made so easy by the Turkish & Uk staff of Sunshine Turkish Homes.

We have now moved over from Blackpool to Turkey full time and we love it, we will soon be purchasing a house a short distance away but we will keep hold of our apartment as an investment property for when the Dalaman Marina is given the green light and the prices double over night.

Once we agreed to purchase, our flight money and our accommodation charges were refunded back to us as the company promised before we left the UK to inspect.

I personally think

Many thanks to Paul & his team for making the purchase a most pleasant one and I would reccomend them to anyone wanting a little bit of paradise where one can escape to. 


Paul & Elena Richardson

Mr & Mrs Bowler

Hello all people wondering if they should buy a property in Dalaman from Sunshine Turkish Homes, we did and we really love our apartment and it came fully furnished too, this saved us quite a bit of money.

We were given a final price and that price did not change, no hidden extras, it was great, as all Legal fees and transfer costs were all included in their price, plus we got 2 adult flight seats and the cost of our accommodation back, once we shook hands and paid our deposit.

Best thing we ever did really, we have been talking about buying in Turkey for years but heard a lot of stories about having to do everything yourself but this company took all the hassell out of the prceedure and we had bought our lovely property within 12 hours of saying "Yes" now all our family get to enjoy as long as they like on holiday and the only thing they need is flights and their food shopping.

Cant beat these guys on price or speed of transfer.

Oliver and Chloe