Cost of Living


The cost of a new water connection including a meter is £125 GBP.

The cost of a new electricity connection including a meter will be 350 YTL [about £145 GBP.]

Bottled gas is normally used for cooking and costs about £20 GBP per refill.

Telephone, both mobile and land lines are available at a reasonable cost, as is internet connection including broadband connection.

The cost of installing a telephone line is £8 GBP.

Monthly line rental is £6.25 GBP.

p.s. Land lines are only available to holders of Turkish Residency Permits.

Food: Fresh fruit and vegetables are very cheap compared to the UK. Meat and Fish tend to be similar prices as in the UK.

Good quality furniture and white goods can be purchased locally at very reasonable cost and again, we can also help and advise with this.

The government has brought in mandatory earthquake insurance which can be purchased alongside private building and contents insurance through a reputable broker and we can advise on this. An average cost per m2 is about 45 p.

Property Tax (Council Tax) is paid annually at a rate based on a fixed percentage of the declared value of the property. A 25% reduction applies until the property is 5 years old.

Water: Mains supply is approximately 0.40 GBP per 1000 litres. Local underground water extracted by pump and useful for watering the garden and filling the swimming pool is free!